Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Kaulins Private Library in Gulbene, Latvia prior to World War II was larger than the City Library

As written at the website of the Library of Gulbene, which is the largest city in the area of Lejasciems, where my father, Arvīds Kauliņš, was born, the Kaulins Private Library in Gulbene was larger than the Town Library prior to World War II:

"In 1935, the Gulbene Town Library was located in Town Administration building on Pils Street 2. The stock consisted of 935 volumes. The head of the Library was Vilma Kupča, a member of the Town Council. In this year, the Administration granted 300 lats to support the Library and the reading room (by comparison, 1500 lats were granted to support a doctor). The Gulbene Department of Library of the Latvian Railway Society was situated on Dzelzceļas Street 11 (the former Railwayman's Club building), and contained 1136 volumes in 1935.

The Kauliņš's Private Library, containing 1691 volumes, was located on Brīvības Street 11. The borrowers had to pay 1 or 2 lats as a membership fee.

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