Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Immigrant Ships - SS Castel Bianco

In the wake of World War II, much of the Latvian intelligentsia was scattered throughout the world.

The website at Immigrant Ships, Transcribers Guild contains a passenger list of the International Refugee Organisation Group Resettlement to Australia for the ship SS Castel Bianco:
"SS Castel Bianco
Departure Port: Naples, Italy
Departure Date: 5 July 1949
Arrival Port: Sydney - Australia
Arrival Date: 3 August 1949

Columns represent: Sequence number, surname, forename....

140 EVELE Arvids (my father's friend and business partner)
141 EVELE Emma (my father's youngest sister, born Kaulins)
142 EVELE Mudite (my first cousin)
143 EVELE Reinis (my first cousin)
259 KAULINS Emma (my grandmother on my father's side, born Pakule, sister first cousin of the famous Latvian opera soprano at the Riga Opera, Elfrida Pakule)

....Transcribed by Tom Stiglmayer and Donated to the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
It is believed that this transcription only lists those who disembarked
in Fremantle,
since the ship carried hundreds more passengers.
The source was most likely the records in the National Archives
of Australia's Perth collection....

Formatted by  Julie A Schmiedlin Edwards
a member of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild 22 October 2002"

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